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Engaged employees are great for business.

A&B workplaces are designed to optimize employee engagement so that our tenants can attract and keep the best talent.

As a result, CBRE Global Investors leads the industry in tenant satisfaction and renewals.

According to the Kingsley Index:

  • 15% improvement in tenant satisfaction after just one year of CBRE Global Investors ownership
  • 94% of tenants report feeling valued
  • 94% of tenants would recommend the property to someone else 

The Kingsley Index is the nationwide benchmark for property management excellence.

Simply put, Engagement Matters.

Employees who report high levels of workplace engagement exhibit:

  • 240% boost in performance-related outcomes2
  • 46% fewer sick days2
  • 5 times the retention rate of their disengaged counterparts1
  • $7,000 savings in health-related costs for their employers2
  • 37% more sales1
  • 21% higher productivity and 22% higher profitability2

1. Rex Miller, Mabel Casey and Mark Konchar (2014)   2. Gallup, Inc. (2012-2013)

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Studies Show: Engagement is easier to influence when people are face-to-face.

One of the best ways to facilitate personal connections at work? Offering an abundance of shared spaces for collaboration, co-working and socializing.

Source: CBRE’s Workplace Strategy group

According to Employers

The main drivers of seeking out a more engaging workplace for employees are:

  • 55% Better Collaboration
  • 49% Employee Attraction and Retention
  • 49% Cost Savings
  • 43% Increased Employee Productivity
  • 35% Business Agility

Source: CBRE’s Workplace Strategy group

See what the Experts Say About workplace engagement:

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